Communications with Purpose

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I’ve been helping amplify and spark initiatives for social causes, nonprofits and small businesses for more than a decade. I'd love to explore working together. It’ll be fun. 


Art + Activism

Raising awareness of a hidden crime like human trafficking is no easy task. Red Sand Project, an activist artwork created by Molly Gochman, gives people an opportunity both to learn about and to contribute in some small way to the fight against this heinous - yet ubiquitous - crime. As the head of external affairs, I helped scale the Project to a global platform by cultivating key partnerships, by directing communications and by managing startup operations for the initiative. As the Project evolved,  I also designed an ambassador program, produced art exhibitions and events, and developed programs to foster dialogue around human trafficking and exploitation. Today, the Project has been used in more than 70 countries and has engaged hundreds of thousands of people in the cause. The keys to making this happen?To be responsive, human, and organic -- literally and figuratively. 


Millennials + Purpose  

How do you influence behavior to make the world a better place? Insights, connections and opportunities to take action. Armed with key data, a strong visual identity and an increasingly purpose-minded marketplace, I helped triple digital engagement, develop messaging, support fundraising initiatives and craft a new strategy for Repair the World as it transitioned away from grantmaking. Today, the organization operates on the ground in several U.S. cities as a hub for volunteerism.


Strategic Community Engagement 

When Educational Alliance, an historic and revered settlement house, reopened its headquarters as a state-of-the-art community center for the World’s neighborhood, it needed a new brand to reflect its diverse community and updated offerings. I crafted and rolled out a comprehensive strategy to support the updated Center's programs -- an art school, gym, teen and senior centers, a preschool and a rental space. I also launched a series of public programs and exhibitions to highlight local assets and engage people of all ages. 



Grants + Greenmarkets 

Amidst progressive gentrification in one of Manhattan's most socio-economically diverse neighborhoods, fresh fruit and vegetables had been a scarcity. I worked to secure funding, kick-off and publicize the Lower East Side’s first Greenmarket in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension and GrowNYC. This project was particularly meaningful as a vegetarian who believes we could all eat - and feel - a little bit better if we had better access. While gentrification has since ensued, today, the community enjoys several greenmarkets and CSAs. 



Brick, Mortar + The Interwebs

How does an historically private organization make a splash? After relaunching Brooklyn Community Foundation as a public charity, I conceived of and produced the Brooklyn Do Gooder Awards, a multi-faceted crowdsourcing campaign that engaged hundreds of thousands of people to vote for their local heroes. Leveraging traditional press, social media, ambassadors, partnerships, email marketing and live events, the campaign honored outstanding individuals and organizations – including renowned activist Linda Sarsour, among others, put the Foundation on the map, and spawned a volunteer program. 


Rebranding all over again

The ever-evolving and immigrant-infused Lower East Side is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York City. As the Director of Marketing for the Business Improvement District in the historic neighborhood, I worked to both preserve fabled history while embracing new dynamism by creating an award-winning marketing program, featuring the tagline "L.E.S. is More. Explore." This comprehensive strategy included new branding, marketing collateral, communications, partnerships, a digital strategy, and a suite of public events to highlight the community’s legacy and newer assets, unite diverse stakeholders and drive traffic to local businesses. To add some flavor, of course, I expanded Pickle Day from a small local fair to a highly-anticipated event that attracted tens of thousands of people. It was kind of a big dill.   

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